Chin Augmentaion by International Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. CranioMaxilloFacial and Cosmetic Surgeon now in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

What is Chin Augmentation or Genioplasty?

Chin augmentation is a type of surgical procedure done on the chin to rejuvenate lower facial third or improve facial balance.
Genioplasty is either a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, which means people choose to have it for improving facial features.

What are the different types of Genioplasty?

There are several ways to conduct Chin Augmentation:
  • Advancement Genioplasty, or moving the chin forward
  • Pushback/Reduction Genioplasty, or moving the chin backward
  • Side to side Genioplasty, which can help with  asymmetrical chins
  • Vertical changes in chin height, such as making the chin longer or shorter

What happens during chin augmentation surgery?

Chin surgeries are typically scheduled as outpatient procedures means you don’t require hospitalization.
People who choose for less-invasive treatments, like injectable fillers, your doctor administers the injections after applying a topical numbing cream.
For those who choose surgical procedures may have local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. For genioplasty, a small incision is placed behind your lower lip, on the inside of the mouth.
Procedures generally involve reshaping and repositioning your chin bone in 3d or placing an implant.
Genioplasty by International Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. CranioMaxilloFacial and Cosmetic Surgeon now in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

What are the alternatives to Genioplasty surgery?

Chin augmentation using traditional bone cuts have more versatility than implants or fillers in changing 3 dimensional position of chin.
Alloplast implants or chin augmentation using fillers have limitations as they cannot be used where there is excessive bone in chin.
Various types of implants are made of materials such as silicone, titanium, PEEK etc.
Extended silicone chin implants are helpful in people with jowls or weak jaw.

What is 3D planned & printed chin augmentation/genioplasty?

3D Printed Chin augmentation surgery is an advanced form of Genioplasty which improves contours of the chin, neck and jawline.
Your facial CT or CBCT scan data is processed in jaw surgery planning software. 
Cephalometric analysis are made on various hard tissue landmarks present on skull. Prediction and simulation of jaw surgery is done on the software. After finalizing desired position of chin, the guide plates are printed. These guide plate acts as guidelines during surgery which helps in more predictive and desired results.
3d Chin Augmentaion by International Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. CranioMaxilloFacial and Cosmetic Surgeon now in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

How is the heart shape chin created?

The heart shape chin is created by V-line Jaw & Chin Augmentation. It is done to narrow prominent, broad or square lower jaw and chin to obtain desirable slim and slender lower face with oval face or V-line.

What are the investigations required for genioplasty?

Routine blood investigation, lateral ceph X ray, OPG, cephalometric analysis(2d planning),
* CT/CBCT scans & 3d planning (desirable).
Chin surgeries are generally performed as outpatient procedures.
Recovery following chin augmentation is pleasant as stated by most of patients. There could mild swelling which resolves in 1-2 weeks.
Heavy exercise has to be avoided for 4 weeks.

What are the risk factors associated with Genioplasty?

Few risk factors associated with genioplasty include:
Infection, implant failure, mouth or lip numbness in rare cases.  

How long does result last after genioplasty surgery or chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation using osteotomy is a procedure which lasts a life time and permanent. So is chin augmentation using implants. 
Chin augmentation using fillers is temporary procedure which last from 12 months to 18 months.

Will I need additional procedures apart from genioplasty or Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation can be a sole procedure most of time or in combination.
  • Individuals with double chin would get benefit from double chin removal through liposuction. Chin liposuction along with genioplasty provides superior results in person short neck.
  • If you are in late 30s and after with visible signs of aging in areas such as jowls, neck would greatly benefit from mini facelift/full facelift or neck lift along with chin augmentation
  • People with deficiency or excess of upper and lower jaw might require jaw surgery along with chin augmentation in order to achieve facial balance.

Is Genioplasty surgery worth it?

Genioplasty is a simple procedure, and most people who receive one are pleased with the outcome. 
Various studies have shown satisfaction rate of 98 to 100% .
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