Ear lobe reduction Otoplasty by Dr. Punit Dubey in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

Earlobe Reduction

Who needs Ear Lobe Reduction?

Earlobes usually experience lengthening because of age, genetics, and by heavy supporting earrings. Through lobe repair or reduction, also Otoplasty or lobuloplasty, you’ll feel an additional enticing look of your ears.

The goal of these procedures, referred to as plastic surgery, is to revive a  look, form, and function to your lobe, to a more desired look.

How is Ear Lobe Reduction performed?

The ear lobe Reduction Procedure will remove excess skin and tissue via a little incision which will then hide into the natural creases of the ear. 

What kind of recovery can be expected after Ear Lobe Reduction?

With either ear lobe reduction or earlobe repair surgery, you’ll will receive directions for care and suture removal.

Additionally, you’ll be prescribed  antibiotic and a light pain reliever. You should be back to your routine schedule after a few hours.

Do I need to avoid my routine activities?

Routine activities can be considered after few hours and and with 0 days downtime for Ear Lobe Reduction.

What are risk associated with ear lobe reduction?

Ear lobe repair heals generally without any complications. Like any other procedures risk of infections are the always there which can be treated with antibiotics.


Cosmetic Ear Surgery Otoplasty by Dr. Punit Dubey in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

If large earlobes bothers you and requires reduction, you may consider Cosmetic Ear Surgery.

Learn more about Cosmetic Ear lobe Reduction or Otoplasty in Delhi NCR region from Dr. Punit Dubey





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Aging show the signs on your earlobes too , causes them to be droopy and wrinkles in some, which can make you appear older or make it difficult to hold in earrings. Ear Lobe Lift or a ear lobe rejuvenation is a quick procedure that restores volume lost to aging or stretched earlobes, and help you wear heavy earrings again and provide lost volume. Learn more about Ear lobe Rejuvenation Dr. Punit Dubey International Board Certified🏅🌍 Facial Plastic Surgeon ⚕ CranioMaxilloFacial and Cosmetic Surgeon Delhi Ghaziabad Noida 📱: +918123822284 📧: info@thefacialplasticsurgery.com 🌐: www.thefacialplasticsurgery.com Individual results may vary. The content of this page is for educational and informational purposes and does not constitute formal medical advice.© Dr. PUNIT DUBEY , MDS(RGUHS, Bangalore), FIBCSOMS (USA).Please do not use or distribute images herein without permission. #internationalboardcertified #earloberejuvenation #earlobelift #earloberepair #earring #otoplasty #women #delhibloggers #style #model #gurugram #indianfashionblogger #beauty #lifestyle #confident #cosmeticsurgery #cosmetics #bride #oculoplasticsurgery #women #plasticsurgery #facialplasticsurgery #facialplasticsurgeon #drpunitdubey #noida #delhi #ghaziabad #ncr #greaternoida #india

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