Cosmetic Ear Lobe Repair by Dr. Punit Dubey in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

Ear lobes tends to increase in length and split in women and men with pierced lobes.

Lobes can become stretched or torn over a period from earrings or from trauma such as catching an earring with a hairbrush, wearing clothes, towels, etc.


Regardless of cause an ear lobe can be repaired by various methods such as stitching or suturing technique for ear lobe repair, Z – Plasty technique, stitchless technique for repairing torn earlobe using glue .

Post operative instructions will be provided on how to take care of stichless or glue.

Earlobe can be repaired  easily and is performed in the clinic with a simple 15 -20 minutes procedure under local anesthesia

Anyone with split or large holes in lobes or are ideal candidate for ear lobe repair. Kindly inform to your surgeon If you are under any medication or have medical history.

Routine activities can be considered after few hours and general downtime for Ear Lobe Repair is 0 days.

Ear lobe repair heals generally without any complications. Like any other procedures risk of infections are the always there which can be treated with antibiotics.


Cosmetic Ear Surgery Otoplasty by Dr. Punit Dubey in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida

If appearance of torn earlobes bother you or causes difficulty in wearing earrings, you may consider Facial Plastic Surgery.


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