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What is Droopy Eyelid Ptosis Surgery?

Ptosis surgery is a procedure which involves lifting your eyelid to improve its position and improve your vision. It is also known as droopy eyelid correction surgery.

When droopy eyelid affect one eyelid, it is known as unilateral ptosis where else involvement in both eye lids is known as bilateral ptosis.

Who can get droopy eyelid?

There are numerous reasons for droopy eyelid from natural causes to serious conditions such as facial Fracture, nerve injury, tumor etc

Droopy eyelids could affect anyone however they are more common in adults due to stretching and weakening of muscles. Also droopy eyelid ptosis can be present at birth(congenital ptosis) in few cases.

What is Ptosis Surgery?

Droopy eyelid ptosis surgery is done to tighten the muscle that lifts your upper eyelid.

As you get older, the levator muscle that lifts your upper eyelid stretches and weakens, causing your eyelid to sag.

People with sagging eyelid can have interference with your vision, ptosis surgery can be an effective treatment to improve your vision.

Ptosis surgery can also be performed to make you look younger and get rid of tired appearance if one of your eyelids has begun to sag or there is a difference in the height of your eyelids

What are the types of ptosis surgery?

Ptosis surgery is generally divided into congenital ptosis correction (present at birth) or adult ptosis correction.

Different types of procedures are used such as levator muscle tightening and resection, frontalis sling suspension using facia lata or silicone tube.

What are the benefits for droopy eyelid ptosis surgery?

Droopy eyelid ptosis surgery could improve the position of your eyelid and your face should look younger. Your vision should improve, if your eyelid is interfering with your vision.

What are risk factors associated with ptosis surgery?

Various risk factors associated with ptosis surgery are given below,

  • infection or bleeding of the surgical site
  • Hypertrophic scar rarely
  • over correction
  • under correction

How long does it take for Ptosis Surgery?

The ptosis surgery is usually performed under a local anesthesia that is injected in your eyelid. The operation usually takes around 45 minutes for single upper eyelid.

An incision or cut is usually made on the natural skin crease of your eyelid. The stitches or sutures are placed in the levator muscle to strengthen its attachment to your eyelid and to adjust the height of your eyelid.

Is there any alternatives to Ptosis Surgery?

Ptosis surgery is the only efficient way to tighten the levator muscle for correction of droopy eyelids.

How is recovery after Ptosis Surgery?

You should be able to go home after a few hours.

Avoid getting your eyelid wet, strenuous exercise or bend down until the stitches are removed.

Eye make-up,alcohol, should be avoided  for a few weeks, and keep your face out of the sun.

Swimming is not recommended for 4 weeks.

How long does result last after ptosis surgery?

The droopy eyelid ptosis surgery could produce results which last for a long time. Your face including eyelids will still continue to age but should always appear younger than if you had not had surgery.

It’s important that you should consider the options carefully and have realistic expectations about the results.


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