Xanthelasma Removal in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida by Dr. Punit Dubey

Xanthelasma are  yellow lipid deposits localized on the eyelids.

These lesions are typically asymptomatic without associated complications and treatment is often sought for cosmetic purposes. 

A larger and nodular Xanthelasma may be referred to as a Xanthoma, assuming large proportions.

Xanthelasma often present as soft symmetrical, bilateral, yellow, thin plaques and papules typically in the periorbital area.

The prevalence is seen at 4% in women and men.

Xanthelasma is more dominant in females as compared to males.

The age of onset can range from second decade to seventh decade of life.

Yellow Eye  lid spot presentation prior to the age of 40 should prompt screening to rule out underlying inherited disorders of plasma lipid metabolism.

Xanthelasma can be removed with ;

  1. Surgery,
  2. Laser ablation,
  3. Cryotherapy.
  • Surgery under local anesthesia is most effective, simple  and cost effective for treating yellow eyelid spot as lasers and other methods fails to completely remove it.


Recovery following Xanthelasma removal is fast .

Routine activities can be carried out from next day itself after procedure.

Uncommon side-effect of treatment for Xanthelasma Removal may cause scarring and pigment changes which can be treated over time.

Recurrence is common after primary surgical excision of Xanthelasma in 30% of patients over span of 5 years.

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Xanthelasma Treatment in Delhi Ghaziabad Noida by Dr. Punit Dubey
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