It is a surgical procedure that’s normally done to reduce your lips fullness and desired shape.

Cosmetic lip surgery this is done to decrease the volume in your lips.

Lip reduction surgery is helpful if you would like decrease size of your lips, or if you requires secondary correction from a previous lip augmentation.

Ideal candidates for lip reduction surgery are generally those who want to change their lip or facial appearance.

  • Those people who have naturally large lips, or previous augmentation surgery.
  • Lips also changes along with age. Lip reduction may be a viable option for any resulting asymmetry.
  • It is also common to get the lip reduction procedure in addition to other aesthetic treatments, such as lip lift,dermal fillers. Lip reduction surgery may also be used as corrective procedures for cleft lip and palate.

Lip reduction surgery are performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon or who operates on face. These are not done by physicians/aestheticians.

It’s important to know credentials of your surgeon before lip reduction procedure.

Lip reduction surgery can be easily carried out under local anesthesia without noticeable discomfort if performed by experts on facial surgery.

General anesthesia can be opted in accordance to patient’s preference.

After numbing the area, an incision is placed horizontal on a pink part of a lip.

A strip of lip is reduced along the tissues or excess fat from lower or upper lip.
This is done in order to reshape the entire lip area

What is an estimated time required for lip reduction surgery?

Approximated time required for whole procedure would be around 1 hour per lip.

Lip reduction surgery is overall considered safe when performed by an board certified surgeon.

In general lip reduction surgery is a safe procedure.

The risk factors associated are same as with any surgery such as infection, thick scar or shape which can be subsequently treated with medicine, revision etc.

Lip reduction surgery is done under highly aesthetic zones of lip.

The incision is placed well behind visible lip region which helps achieve greater cosmetic results.

There will be a mild swelling or redness which starts to a decrease on day two and mostly done gone in five to seven days.

You will be prescribed medications to aid faster healing

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